Ants are one of the most common pests that frequent homes and businesses.

When you kill the ones you see, the colony will make more. It is essential to target the colony by using the “working” ants that leave to find food to bring back to the colony.

If you know where the colony is a direct treatment should be applied to it. When the location of the colony is unknown there are a couple of options:
Non-Repellent Contact Residuals can be taken by the working ants back to the colony to be spread by grooming. This is often effective, but with some label restrictions on these products the use of them is limited. Contact residuals aren’t typically allowed until other methods of removal have been utilized.
Baits are used as a food source that is taken back to the colony. These are often in liquid or gel form that is taken in by the workers and then shared through food sharing with other workers. Adult ants can’t eat solid food. The larvae is the colony’s stomach and provides digestion. If the workers don’t reach the colony it will not be effective. The key is to find the colony or a way to reach all of the ants. Reaching out to a pest control company is the best solution to getting rid of ants in or around your home. We have professional experience along with maintenance programs that allow us to treat your home based on the activity and frequency of the ants.

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