April showers bring May flowers….. It also brings weather that fleas like.

Wishing everyone a very Hoppy Easter!

Some tips for handling fleas in your home:
1. VACUUM – Vacuum everything from upholstery to floors to mattresses and curtains. Vacuums with bags allow for easier disposing and less of a chance of coming in contact with them.
2. STEAM CLEAN – Furniture, mattresses, pet beds and carpets. Soap and high heat kill fleas and fleas larvae.
3. WASH BEDDING – Pet bedding as well as your own. Wash in hot water and dry on highest heat setting. If it is a bad infestation it may just be worth throwing out and buying new stuff.
4. TREATMENTS – We highly recommend calling a licensed pest technician to come in at this point. Pest companies can provide indoor and outdoor treatment options. Chemical aerosol treatments that you can purchase over the counter at stores are not recommended.
5. PETS – fleas love living on your family’s 4 legged friend. There are treatments at the store to help get rid of fleas on your pets or a call to the vet for recommendations is always a good place to start.

Tips for handling fleas in your yard:
1. MOW & RAKE – Do these things on a regular basis. Fleas like a shady and warm area to live in. When finished bag up the contents of the lawn, bushes, etc…
2. REMOVE DEBRIS – Leaves, branches and twigs from around the exterior of the home in the grass, flower beds and bushes/trees. The more sun exposure in your yard the better to keep these pests away.
3. CEDAR WOOD CHIPS – Place them in flower beds, around garden areas, under bushes & trees and in places your pet likes to lay down.
4. LOCAL GARDEN CENTER – Ask about what products they offer to help control pests that make a home in your yard.

These tiny creatures are small and quick. They have excellent jumping capability and can be seen by humans with the naked eye. Fleas can carry diseases and parasites which are harmful to humans and pets. Most importantly if you find you have a flea infestation make sure you take all measures to handle your home, yard and pets at the same time. Cleaning and regular yard maintenance are important as well to help prevent future infestations.

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