Spiders in the home . . .

Spiders prey on smaller pests commonly found in the home. Remove clutter, piles of clothes, boxes in storage with various contents. Cleaning out the clutter will leave less space for pests to live. If you need to keep things put them in plastic totes with tightly sealed lids. Keep surfaces clean. The kitchen is an… Read more »

Spring will be arriving before you know it

When the warm weather conditions begin the spring cleaning to-do lists usually get handled. Wiping down windows, shampooing rugs and dusting down the house are priorities, but so are locating common pest prone spots. Bathroom Cockroaches and silverfish like areas with moisture. Eliminating unnecessary water sources in the bathroom will help prevent pest infestations. These… Read more »

Termites can cause extensive damage to your home or business

These pests will destroy homes, businesses, buildings, sheds, etc.. It is important to inspect and treat any areas where they build habitats. Termites will spend 24-7 feeding on wood. They will turn into a major problem if not detected early. We have professionals on our staff that will examine your property if you suspect an… Read more »

Where Mice Like to Nest . . .

Protection is probably the most important reason they need to nest during winter. It is a place to give birth and feed their babies. A place protected from the weather, safe from enemy animals and threats that may come from other mice. Mice are small so the nest site only has to be 2-3 inches… Read more »

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are usually found around boxelder trees. They are considered a nuisance pest that invades structures, including homes, sheds and garages to stay warm through winter.  Boxelder bugs are generally a problem when they move into these places during fall and appear in the spring. If these pests die or get squished in wall… Read more »

BEE-lieve me when I say – Summer is here and so are the bees and wasps!

Wasps live in colonies, like bees, but they have very different physiological differences and their behavior is very different from bees. These creatures can be aggressive and mean. Wasps don’t make honey like bees. Wasps tend to be a little larger and more slender than bees. They also have less body hair than a bee…. Read more »

Where are all the ants coming from?

Carpenter Ants – these creatures are large in size and excavate wood to build their nests. This results in tunnels inside the wood. Carpenter ants depend on moisture heavy areas, and this is another place they build their nests. So rotting wood or water-damaged wood in or near your home is an ideal place for… Read more »

When Should I Call an Exterminator?

Some people will call immediately; some will want to wait. The decision to call can be a difficult one for many people. Most of us aren’t pest or insect experts. Saving money versus risking an infestation is what the choice is based on If you’re not certain whether or not you have a pest problem,… Read more »

Life Cycle of a Spider

*Spider eggs are laid in a protective silk egg sac. The # of eggs varies amongst species. *Egg hatch occurs in about 2 weeks and these first spiderlings remain in the sac until undergoing their first molt. *About 1 month after the eggs are laid, the second spiderlings emerge, many by chewing the sac wall…. Read more »