Interesting Mice Facts

Mice typically like to get in homes during the winter months to find food, water and a warm place to protect them from the cold. Mice are big eaters, even though they have small bodies. These critters will actively eat 15-20 times a day. Mice are active mammals. Mice are great jumpers, climbers and swimmers…. Read more »

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Just a friendly reminder to schedule your regular mammogram appointment with your doctor. We have all probably known or met someone with breast cancer. Please share the message with everyone you know ❤️?!

House Flies

House flies are nuisance pests that transmit diseases and contaminate food. They will lay their eggs on feces, dead animals and old fruit. This will provide the larvae with food when they hatch. House flies live on liquid diets, because they cannot chew food. These pests defecate in abundant amounts. Since they live on liquid… Read more »

BEE-lieve me when I say – Summer is here and so are the bees and wasps!

Wasps live in colonies, like bees, but they have very different physiological differences and their behavior is very different from bees. These creatures can be aggressive and mean. Wasps don’t make honey like bees. Wasps tend to be a little larger and more slender than bees. They also have less body hair than a bee…. Read more »

Preventative Maintenance Options – Keep the Bugs Out!

We offer a few different programs to help keep your home or business free of flying and crawling bugs. The Crawling?Insect Plan We will treat the perimeter of your home to help keep out crawling pests – ants, spiders, centipedes, etc….. The technician will perform 3 exterior treatments along the lower perimeter of the home…. Read more »

Where are all the ants coming from?

Carpenter Ants – these creatures are large in size and excavate wood to build their nests. This results in tunnels inside the wood. Carpenter ants depend on moisture heavy areas, and this is another place they build their nests. So rotting wood or water-damaged wood in or near your home is an ideal place for… Read more »

April showers bring May flowers….. It also brings weather that fleas like.

Wishing everyone a very Hoppy Easter! Some tips for handling fleas in your home: 1. VACUUM – Vacuum everything from upholstery to floors to mattresses and curtains. Vacuums with bags allow for easier disposing and less of a chance of coming in contact with them. 2. STEAM CLEAN – Furniture, mattresses, pet beds and carpets…. Read more »

March 2018

Protecting your home against bed bugs Bed bugs travel by hitchhiking. They can move around very easily from one infested location to find a new home by traveling on furniture, bedding, luggage, boxes, and clothing. It’s important to know what bed bugs look like and where to find them so that you can easily identify… Read more »

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Our New Blog Stay up to date with our prevention tips, and what’s happening at Good Riddance Pest Control! 5 Facts About Cockroaches 1. Roaches will eat almost anything, including feces. Also, they walk across food and surfaces, defecate and contaminate those things. Roach feces contains dangerous bacteria. 2. Roaches produce allergens. The proteins in… Read more »