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5 Facts About Cockroaches

1. Roaches will eat almost anything, including feces. Also, they walk across food and surfaces, defecate and contaminate those things. Roach feces contains dangerous bacteria.

2. Roaches produce allergens. The proteins in their bodies are released when they shed skin or defecate causing allergic reactions in humans, especially young children.

3. Roaches can survive for a month without food, and up to 2 weeks without water. So if these pests take shelter in your home or business, they can be very difficult to get rid of. These pests don’t like lights, so they tend to come out at night.

4. They can resist much higher amounts of radiation than humans. Roaches can sustain radiation in amounts between 6-15 times that of humans.

5. There are 4 common household roaches – German Cockroaches, American Cockroachs, Australian Cockroaches, and Oriental Cockroaches. Now in WNY, the 2 most commonly identified roaches are the German Cockroach and the Smokey Brown Cockroach.

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