House Flies

House flies are nuisance pests that transmit diseases and contaminate food. They will lay their eggs on feces, dead animals and old fruit. This will provide the larvae with food when they hatch.

House flies live on liquid diets, because they cannot chew food. These pests defecate in abundant amounts. Since they live on liquid diets, it moves quickly through their digestive systems.

House flies come into contact with harmful bacteria because of their breeding and feeding habits. Flies will then spread the bacteria onto food that humans eat, kitchen counters, etc…

Flies can actually taste with their feet. Their lower legs and feet contain taste receptors. So when they land on a good human meal, which can be your dinner or your pets feces, flies will give it a good taste before consumption.

House flies can walk and climb horizontally, vertically and even upside down.

These nuisance pests also have amazing eyes. Their eyes give them the ability to see behind themselves. Flies eyes don’t move like human eyes which allows them to see in all directions.

The life of a house fly is pretty short. It’s about 30 days. In this time they can lay up to 500 eggs, which can cause an infestation very quickly. Flies are attracted to heat, garbage, light, feces and food.

Tips to help prevent flies
Keep garbage cans covered
Clean garbage cans to remove residue
If you have pets, clean their waste from your yard
Replace screens around your home that have holes in them
Take trash out of your home and place in garbage can outside
Inspect the exterior of your house – clean up debris, leaves and standing water
Don’t leave screen doors open for long periods of time

Flies are extremely dirty pests. Call a professional to determine what kind of fly it is, where they are breeding, if there is an infestation and how to get rid of them. You don’t want to jeopardize the health of you, your family or your pets. We specialize in handling fly removal! Call us today!

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