Life Cycle of a Spider

*Spider eggs are laid in a protective silk egg sac. The # of eggs varies amongst species.
*Egg hatch occurs in about 2 weeks and these first spiderlings remain in the sac until undergoing their first molt.
*About 1 month after the eggs are laid, the second spiderlings emerge, many by chewing the sac wall.
*Spiderlings disperse in various ways, including attachment to their mothers abdomen or “ballooning” to different places.
*Most spiders go through several molts before reaching maturity, living 1-2 years based on species.

Prevention Tips

*Keep garages, basements and attics clean with no clutter.
*Seal cracks, repair screens and keep doors closed to reduce entry locations.
*When bringing boxes, bags or decorations indoors be sure to check them first.
*Maintain shrubs, bushes, plants, trees and grass so they aren’t against the building.
*Keep dumpsters and garbage cans away from structure to reduce flies and insects.

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