Maintenance Programs

Exterior Peak To Foundation Maintenance Treatments

With this plan our technician will perform treatments to the exterior of your home or structure to help control unwanted pests such as ants, spiders and other crawling insects. Exterior Maintenance Programs can help insure you keep unwanted pests out of the structure from the peaks and overhangs and along the base of the foundation. We also do around windows and doors to assure we hit all entry points.  Interior treatments can be billed and performed as needed if you elect. Bee and Wasp treatments have to be addressed separate from your maintenance program as treatments require a direct treatment to the source on the structure or inside the voids of the home. Additional charges will apply at a reduced rate if you are a Maintenance Customer. If the technician sees a nest he will talk with you and see how you would like to proceed with the problem so it gets addressed as urgently as possibly..

Exterior Perimeter Maintenance Treatments

With our lower perimeter crawling insect plan, our technicians will perform treatments that will help keep crawling insects, like ants, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, etc. out of your structure. This program consists of 3 exterior perimeter treatments to the lower perimeter of the structure going up about three feet and out about three feet around.  The goal is to provide barrier protection to help eliminate lower point of entry. We offer these treatments monthly, quarterly or however you like to set the program up.