Pest Control Services in Buffalo, NY

Good Riddance Pest Control offers complete pest control to homes and businesses in Western New York. Whether your property has been infested by bed bugs, carpenter ants, rats, or any other kind of pest, we can eliminate the problem at the source.

Overview of our insect control services:

  • We offer residential and commercial control for common pests like rats, bees, fleas, and many more.
  • We offer eco-friendly pest control products.
  • We provide maintenance prevention programs that will help keep pests from entering your home or business.
  • We can apply barrier treatments around the foundation of your home or from the soffit to the foundation.
  • We can always offer pest identification so we can determine what resources we need to control the problem.
Types of Services
  • Exterior maintenance plans with 3 treatments provided throughout the insect season
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial pest removal and control
  •  Interior and exterior rodent or insect control programs available
  • Environmentally friendly pest control, such as heat treatment for bed bugs
  • And more – Contact us for a quote