Silverfish Removal

silverfishYou’ve probably seen silverfish, silver insects with a fish-like appearance, but only out of the corner of your eye. Nocturnal and flightless, they nonetheless move very quickly and hide from humans. This can be bad, as silverfish can contaminate food and damage paper items like books and even wallpaper. They can last without food for as long as a year, but they require a lot of humidity to survive.

Occurrence of Silverfish in Western New York

Silverfish are relatively common pests, often found in damp, humid areas like basements and bathrooms. They eat paper items, glue, and clothing. They also feed on human food like flour and rolled oats.

Your Personal Silverfish Prevention Plan

Because silverfish can pose a risk to your food and your favorite books, it’s best to make sure they aren’t in your home. Follow these steps to keep your home free from silverfish:

  • Avoid having damp, moist areas where the silverfish will thrive. Use a dehumidifier and be sure to repair leaky pipes and drains.
  • Don’t store old books and magazines in the basement, attic, or garage, as silverfish often live here.
  • Make sure that your food (especially flour, sugar, and rolled oats) is stored in tight containers.