Spiders in the home . . .

Spiders prey on smaller pests commonly found in the home.

Remove clutter, piles of clothes, boxes in storage with various contents. Cleaning out the clutter will leave less space for pests to live. If you need to keep things put them in plastic totes with tightly sealed lids.

Keep surfaces clean. The kitchen is an important room in your home to keep tidy. Spiders don’t care about bits of food left behind, the pests they prey on will find the leftover food. Tables, counters, and the stove should be wiped down often.

Seal cracks – pests can easily access your home through small spaces. Window sills, screens, baseboards, etc. Sealing cracks with caulk is an excellent way to help keep pests out.

Outside of your home – spiders will hide in wood piles, gardens and rocks close to your house. Plants and debris around the house should be removed to help eliminate places for spiders to build webs.

Outdoor lights off as much as possible – the pests spiders eat are often attracted to lights. If you need them on consider switching to light bulbs that reduce pest activity.

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