Spring will be arriving before you know it

When the warm weather conditions begin the spring cleaning to-do lists usually get handled. Wiping down windows, shampooing rugs and dusting down the house are priorities, but so are locating common pest prone spots.


Cockroaches and silverfish like areas with moisture. Eliminating unnecessary water sources in the bathroom will help prevent pest infestations. These particular pests don’t survive longer than a week without water. Clean the shower curtain and liner, medicine cabinet as well as under the sink and around the tub and toilet. This will help make sure there are no moisture issues. Leaky pipes or faucets are areas that could create unnecessary water for these pests to live in.


Ants love kitchen spaces. The kitchen offers easy access for these little bugs to have food and water sources. Since it’s a room where most meals are eaten, crumbs and food often get left behind. Counters sometimes get left sticky from spills and end up crumb filled. Time should be spent clearing out your pantry and cabinets disposing of old food, spices and condiments. Not only is this an ideal breeding area for ants, but also beetles and moths. Wiping out cabinets with soap and water, along with placing shelf liners inside the cabinets will help keep out pests. Vacuuming behind appliances to clear out dust and crumbs is a necessity. An overall wipe down of the kitchen counters and walls will also help keep a cleaner area and pests will stay out.


This is an area for rodents and spiders to make home. They aren’t the only critters that will make a home here. Many times clutter and dark spaces are frequently found here. These are easy hiding spots for pests. Keeping a clutter free and clean basement will help eliminate pests in this part of your home. Fill cracks in the floor or walls with a silicone based caulk or concrete filler. Holes around utility lines that exit your home should be sealed around because mice can squeeze their way in through these areas.

Upon completion of the inside pest check and home inspection remember to do an outside check. Winter can do damage to wood fences, shingles, vents, trees, etc.…. Clean out gutters and make sure downspouts are properly carrying water away from your home. Make sure screens are free from tears, weather stripping around doors and windows is functioning properly and all outside cracks in the foundation, driveway and sidewalks are fixed.

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