Where Mice Like to Nest . . .

Protection is probably the most important reason they need to nest during winter. It is a place to give birth and feed their babies. A place protected from the weather, safe from enemy animals and threats that may come from other mice.

Mice are small so the nest site only has to be 2-3 inches wide. Warm, dark and protected with easy access to food and water is the most ideal place for these critters.

Kitchens are a common nesting place for mice. Refrigerator bases, dishwashers and broiler drawers in stoves are popular choices for mice. They will nest in corners, low level cabinets and drawers. Don’t just stop at kitchens for nest inspection. Garages, attics and inside equipment are also spots easily accessible to mice. Typically finding spots that will provide warmth and insulation, like furniture, boxes, dressers, cabinets (throughout the home), in and under shelves, and any place near a heat source. These little nuisance animals will make do just about anywhere and will do a lot of damage to your home if they nest in or around it.

If you suspect mice are in your home call a professional to come in and help you get rid of them.

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